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Smooth and full-bodied coffee grown by former
Nicaraguan Contras

In 1980 these freedom fighters defeated a communist dictatorship with U.S. assistance. Support them again today by ordering this exceptional coffee.


Sweatshop Guaranteed!

All our products are guaranteed to have been made in the dingiest sweatshops of the world's worst hellholes, improving the living standards one child laborer at a time.

Don't you wish you had a job when you were eight?

Imagine how big your 401(K) would be now! You could retire by 35!


This photo was taken in Mumbai (Bombay) in the region called Kamathipura, the largest red-light district in Asia, home to over 100,000 prostitutes, including 5,000 eunuch-transvestites, a recognized third gender in India. This shop is the size of some larger bathrooms or closets in Upper East Side condos. Many such sweatshops employ people 12-14 hours a day, with virtually no light other than from the sun - 100% energy-efficient and environment-friendly.

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