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  We've been censored!




Smooth and full-bodied coffee grown by former
Nicaraguan Contras

In 1980 these freedom fighters defeated a communist dictatorship with U.S. assistance. Support them again today by ordering this exceptional coffee.


We have put a lot of work into this site - only to find out that is going to censor our T-Shirts and other merchandise! The anti-capitalist hero Che cannot put his face on the shirts anymore because some capitalist running pig dog oppressor has trademarked his face!

To put it more accurately, there are no restrictions on left-leaning images at! Slurs and hateful caricatures of George Bush are all over its shops. But making fun of Che Guevara is a big no-no!

We are not the only one - see CafePress Watch blog!

Please contact us if you have any offers, advise, or suggestions.

Hillary-Guevara '08 shorts, anyone? on many of its news pages is promoting a pro-communist store that, among hammers and red stars, also sells "Hillary Guevara" design based on the famed Che™ picture by the Cuban photographer Korda. One can buy Hillary Guevara shirts, pins, mugs, bags, baby and doggie items, and yes, boxer shorts commanding you to "vote Hillary '08." More on that later.

In our previous story we described how censored our "Che is Dead" design with a hairy skull in a beret on a vague pretext of copyright infringement - while they turned a blind eye on other shopkeepers who blatantly used corporate logos and trademarks in designs that denigrated American corporations and capitalism in general.


10/18/05 - 1:30pm

Last night I went on Cafepress and created the "Che is dead" shop again, to see what happens. It has been up for more than 12 hours without purging and sold 3 "Che is Dead" shirts! Looks like our satirical attack worked!

Which means we are capable of defeating the leftist obstructionism if we just show a little effort. I encourage all our comrades to do the same everywhere. Speak openly, be persistent, be unafraid. We shall - how you say it - overcome? Censors The People's Cube

On Oct. 9th I created a section in my online store with T-shirts featuring a black and white picture of a hairy skull wearing a beret and a caption saying, "Che is dead, get over it." On the following day Cafepress removed these products from my store even though someone has already ordered and paid for a shirt. They referred to copyright infringement as an excuse.

I understand and respect the copyright law, but did I really violate it? Here's my letter to Cafepress.

Dear Content Usage Associate,

A picture of a hairy skull in a beret that I drew myself as an artist can not be an infringement of anyone's copyright. I assure you it isn't even Che Guevara's skull. It was a plastic skull purchased at a 99c store with a "Made in China" tag. While it is plausible that the Chinese Communists engage in subliminal export of revolution through millions of Che's plastic skulls, this one is more likely to be one of those Asian midget skulls since it was only about 2" in diameter...


Aleida Guevara in front of the icon image of her father in a 1997 photo.
Che's spawn continues to screw  everything that moves

Che's daughter vows to continue the fight. What her father didn't finish with bullets shot in the backs of people's heads, she will carry on using weapons much more powerful and destructive - LAWYERS!

HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters) -- With his picture on rock band posters, baseball caps and women's lingerie, Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara is firmly entrenched in the capitalist consumer society that he died fighting to overturn.



Ernesto Che Guevara signing order to arrest and shoot everybody at

We know that a lot of people ask themselves every day when faced with life's problems: What would Che say? We can assure you that in most cases our Ernie would say, Put 'em up against the wall and shoot 'em!

And this is exactly what he told us in this case as well. Shoot the photographer who made his image famous and all of his family members who hold the rights to replicating that image. The same goes for the executive board, their lawyers, programmers, designers, mail room clerks, and the poor Albanian cleaning lady. The fact that everyone at including the poor Albanian cleaning lady wears Che T-shirts all year round doesn't matter. Saboteurs and deviationists who stray from the Party line must be put against the wall and shot, period. Even if the company's dress code requires Che's face to be displayed prominently at all times, as is the case with






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